Services We Offer


Our idea of chiropractic care encompasses a holistic outlook about our patients to maximize recovery. Spinal adjustments correct fixations of vertebral or extremity joints to provide proper alignment and bio-mechanical function.

Massage Therapy

The manual manipulation of soft tissue structures (muscle, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) help reduce pain, tension, stress, anxiety, and promote overall health and wellness.

Basic Rehab Exercises

Doesn’t matter the level of your fitness we create personalized rehab program for our patients to set a strong foundation of proper biomechanics and muscle endurance. This creates empowerment and enforces lifestyle changes that prevent the injury from coming back.


Acupuncture, Cold Laser, Ultrasound, traction, and manual therapy are the main modalities we use to help the body heal from inflammation, pain, and chronic issues.


Right now we utilize the DRX 9000 which is a machine that uses computers and sensors to precisely apply the pressure and angle to help decompress the compromised disc or vertebra. The technology this machine has it is able to track the body’s response and change accordingly.