About Me

DR. Hart Andrew Collier

Dr. Hart, who has Started Western Communities Chiropractic, first moved to Loxahatchee in August of 1995. His passion is deeply rooted in sports and the community. He played in the Acreage Athletic league from age 4 through 15, coached numerous teams, and umpired multiple sports for 6 years.

After graduating from Seminole Ridge, Hart went to find his own path in Tampa at University of South Florida. He graduated with his bachelors in Bio-Medical Sciences. Shortly after that he enrolled at National University of Health Sciences in St. Pete. Where he would graduate from in December 2018. He serves on the board for Flags for a Cure a not for profit based out of Loxahatchee that raises money for The American Cancer Society.

His passion for chiropractic came at a young age. Both of his parents suffered from debilitating back injuries that lead them both to surgery. He grew up wanting to help people avoid what they went through. He also had a very positive experience from a chiropractor in high school. Hart suffered from muscle spasms that would leave him bed-ridden. He went to chiropractor and after seeing him regularly he never suffered from the spasms again. He was to play the sport he loved full time. Hart loves to work with young athletes and families, but believes chiropractic is for all ages.

With help from The Wellness Experience, Hart aims to provide a realistic alternative to allopathic medicine that considers a holistic approach when treating ones body. He utilizes the newest chiropractic techniques and combines it with basic rehab principles to help his patients heal. He prides himself on being connected to a vast networks of other doctors in the area to help co-manage and refer to.